About Us


Our motto is “Learning is serious fun!” and our passion and expertise is education. We love coming up with new and exciting ways of enhancing learning through TV, video, audio and multimedia projects.

We enjoy working alongside our clients to co-design innovative and fun media for learners of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. Our client list includes broadcasters, publishers, universities, businesses and the UK Government.

Footstep’s core skill is storytelling, whether that’s for our award winning language, maths, travel and culture, geography, history or documentary programmes.  All delivered with that special Footstep twist!

The members of the core Footstep team come from BBC, Channel Four and international broadcasting backgrounds. Their talents include direction, production, camerawork, scriptwriting, casting and concept design. Our clients have consistently told us that we are great at getting natural performances from young people and are not only fun to work with but deliver on time and on budget.

Our wider team all have high quality track records and key production skills that we call upon, according to the needs of each project.

We film worldwide making unique programmes in a wide range of languages.

FOOTSTEP PRODUCTIONS can also offer a range of services to foreign broadcasters and to businesses looking to widen their audio-visual profiles.

Core Team

Colette Thomson


… always likes to blend into the background

Len Brown

Executive Producer

… but prefers playing with cameras

Andrew Garratt

Audio Magician

… what can we say, he doesn’t get out much!

Jazz Goddard

Senior Video Editor

… isn’t the cat the wrong colour?

Debora Albaina

Video Editor

… always happy to hop on a call!

Extended Family

Oliver Christiansen


… a show-off in front of the camera too!

Rob Eade

Sound Recordist

… and loves doing camera if he gets to lie down

Paul Keating

Director of Photography

… but doesn’t like wildlife programmes!

Tom Bullen

Sound Engineer

… a true Yorkshireman!

Aintzane Sanchez

Production Manager

… is always an angel

Martha McGonagle


… she likes to keep everything balanced

Angelina Nagenthiran

Production Manager

… little angel by name and by nature… well almost!

Birgit Hackenberg

Associate Producer Germany

… she likes to have a go at everything

Our Awards